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Frequently Asked Questions

Flowxaas is a digital matchmaking platform for the Indian subscription economy.

Companies that are part of the subscription economy can sell a portion of their recurring revenue for a fixed interval; in exchange for a single payment related to the annual subscription, they charge their customers. Providing companies with an inexpensive and timely financing solution without suffering equity dilution, high-interest rates and undergoing other complex lending processes.

For investors, we are creating a new asset class in which institutional and sophisticated investors can buy the revenue streams at a discount and receive the cash flows over the fixed duration of the revenues.

Flowxaas has developed an extremely intelligent customer key-centric metric that allows us to assess the company's health in no time.

Once companies register themselves with Flowxaas, getting approved for a trading limit takes a couple of hours. We validate the information to offer the best trading limit for companies with recurring revenue streams.

Upload your financial and business details to Flowxaas. Within a short time, you'll be able to get approval to begin trading along with your fundraising limit.

Once approved, you will be redirected to the dashboard, where your active contracts will be displayed.

You'll receive bids for the annualized value of those contracts from institutional investors, and the contract will be given to the investors with the highest bid.

No limitation, you can trade or access as many contracts as you wish and as often as you prefer within the overall trading limit provided to you. You can also request the limit to be reassessed and get an increase in your trading limit seeing your business growth and trading history with Flowxaas.
There is no limit for the duration of the contract value, and you can trade contracts from a few months to even years. If you have multi-year contracts, Flowxaas is your best choice.

The limit of a company is determined based on Flowxaas criteria. Based on that, we provide a trading limit from 30 to 80%. And later on, it will be increased. Once you start trading on the Flowxaas platform, we evaluate your account. Once your business grows, we will upgrade your trading limit monthly; you may request your limit extension.

Successfully building up the trading history is the mantra to increasing your limit over time.

Flowxaas is a marketplace where you can sell your subscription contracts for their annualized value to investors. We are not a loan, merchant cash advance, or revenue-based financing platform. We are a technology-driven platform allowing companies to utilize their contracts which are fully tradable assets.
No, there's no cost involved in joining Flowxaas. Sign up process is quick, and by providing a few details, you can register for free. Companies can find out how much capital they can access after the approval.
The trade price value of the subscription is determined by the price at which investors are willing to buy your recurring revenue contracts, which depends upon the health of your company, the risk associated & the size of your business. However, we constantly work to get you the best price possible.