Our Story

We pioneered a few years back with a quest to learn insights into the subscription economy. We were affirmed believers that subscription-based businesses continually can transform the globe in the 21st era. Each member has selflessly contributed to ensure that no stones are left unturned in this journey.

Our sole goal in making our idea a reality is to address the fact that after bootstrapping and reaching the stage of expansion, firms require additional finances and in order to do so, they turn to traditional fundraising sources such as debts and VC's, which can stifle their growth. As a company, we seek to bridge the gap between finance and growth.

To narrow this gap, we came up with our new venture, “Flowxaas”. Flowxaas interface is developed to provide a single platform to companies and investors so they may collaborate and corroborate together to flourish the trade.


Abhishek Joshi

CEO, Co-Founder

Kunal Joshi

COO, Co-Founder