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Frequently Asked Questions

Flowxaas provides an opportunity for investors to invest in recurring revenue streams of healthy companies. We unlock recurring revenue as a tradable asset to invest & grow your wealth.

Flowxaas gives you access to a trading platform for recurring revenue contracts.

  • - Available contracts will be displayed on the dashboard.

  • - Select the type of contracts you'd like to purchase, place your bid.

  • - After placing the bid, you will be notified once you get the contract, and your dashboard will reflect   the details of your transaction.

  • - Get paid every monthly or quarterly depending on the term length of the contract.

Investors can set the target return goal on their investment; use onboard filters within the system to select your target company profile and diversify your risk profile accordingly & purchase recurring revenue streams of companies on your criteria on a 'single click'.
If any problem or doubt Flowxaas team is 24*7 for your assistance.
Flowxaas offers a variety of companies with recurring revenue contracts, which includes SaaS companies, D2C subscriptions, B2B2C, Service businesses.