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Why Founders Prefer Flowxaas?

  • We partner with entrepreneurs for their growth
  • Flexible, easy, seamless and data-driven approach
  • Speedy process for generating future cash flow at present
  • Reliability and transparency in the process
  • 24*7 availability for customer support

Say no to debt or dilution?

We allow companies ranging from bootstrap to publicly listed, trade their recurring revenue to turn future cash flows into present funds, we partner in the growth of companies allowing the entrepreneur to grow their business without selling their stakes or undergoing the hectic process of Debt funding.
Flowxaas unlock your largest underlying assets, helping the Indian subscription economy to grow.

Seamless growth for businesses

Flowxaas is constantly synchronized with your existing tools enabling real-time monitoring of your contracts allowing companies to manage their revenue easy & effective manner, we allow companies to focus on their growth & let their underlying asset do the work.
  • Trade contract when you require
  • Get notified with every pay-in or pay-out
  • Seamless & easy process

Sell contracts not ownership

Why Investors Prefer Flowxaas?

An Investor will have an opportunity to invest in the new asset class, an investor can bid on the widely available contracts once they are listed on the platform. The highest bid will win the contracts.
An investor can enjoy a hefty regular returns on a monthly/quarterly basis depending on time duration of the contract.